Welkom op de website van JOCRE bureau voor cultuurverandering en multimediale bedrijfspresentatie. Op het eerste gezicht lijken deze twee begrippen weinig met elkaar te maken te hebben. Echter, volgens JOCRE past het uitstekend in deze tijd veranderingen te omkleden met een multimediale aanpak.

Uit onderzoek blijkt dat mensen steeds minder gaan lezen. De beeld- en zapcultuur rukt op! Er is geen bedrijf meer zonder een website. Je krijgt van medewerkers of van klanten slechts een paar momenten de aandacht. In die momenten moet het gebeuren!!! Verdien de aandacht en daarmee het recht op de volgende stap.

JOCRE is een film en veranderbedrijf dat zich bezighoudt met het ontwikkelen van nieuwe toepassingen van beeld en geluid voor het bedrijfsleven waardoor het op deze ontwikkeling kan inspelen.

Ondanks hun verwevenheid kunt u in het menu hierboven kiezen vooral te kijken naar Jocre-producten op het gebied van multimedia óf naar onze diensten met betrekking tot ‘cultuur en gedrag veranderen’.


Uw privacy is belangrijk. Lees daarom onze Privacy Policy m.b.t. opslag van uw gegevens en uw rechten.

Privacy Policy

Jocre.nl including Cursusfilm.nl

By using our services you leave data behind, which may contain personal data. We save this data when its directly submitted by you or when it has been clearly stated that the submitted data will be provided to us. We consider the handling of personal data of great importance, therefore we process and secure this data with great care. In this privacy policy we are transparent on what data we collect and use, and for what purpose.

When processing your data we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Collection of personal data

To use any of our products and services we will first have personal contact by seeing each other (or by telephone or email for Cursusfilm.nl. On the website of Cursusfilm.nl you can leave your name enailaddtess and telephonenumber behind which initiates an email to us) the petsonal contact will always be with mr. Jos van Hulst. After this contact we save any personal data provided by you and tie them to an internal customer-file. We save these details for billing purposes, to be able to deliver a service and to provide support when needed.

1.1. Information we file

We can collect the following information when you contact with Jocre/Cursusfilm.nl

• First and last name, so we know who we’re doing business with

• Email address, so we can contact you by email when needed

• Phone number, so we can contact you by phone when needed

• Primary address, so we can contact you by post when needed

• Billing address, in case you’d like us to send our invoices to a different address

• Billing details, given to us by our payment provider so we know your services have been paid for

1.2. Contacting us

We collect the following information when you contact us by email:

• Your email address

• The information provided by you in the email

We collect the following information when you contact us by phone:

• Your phone number

• Notes of the conversation

2. Usage of personal data

The information that we collect is used for various purposes. Below we describe how we use your data and and for what purposes. In orderto be able to serve you again quickly after several years of non-service, it is our aim to keep your file inour database low profile. This is also the case with acquisition files that have not (yet) lead to delivered services.

2.1. Customer service

Whenever you contact us by email, your submitted information will be saved and archived in our secured file. Firstly we do this so we can answer and process your request, and secondly to be able to properly help you in the future.

Aside from contacting us by email, you also have the possibility to contact us by phone. Whenever you do so, your telephone number and your name (if known to us) shows up in our mobile device. This allows to quickly see who has called and whoever we may need to call back.

2.2. Third parties.

Besides PCExtreme, our emailprovider and webhosting party, no external parties have any admittance to the file information we keep about you whatsoever. So there are no other parties involved in our services.

2.3. Delivering a service

Our services can be personal but don’t need to be. Personal advise (business coaching) is in that respect different from a classroomtraining or a workshop. You are invited to ask for a copy of the notes we have taken, if any, while delivering a service.

2.4. Billing

In order to keep providing our services for many years to come, we have to charge for the usage of them. To be able to do this we create an invoice which contains personal data. All invoices that we create are archived for at least seven years in order to comply with Dutch tax laws.

2.5. Data center access

If you want to access information we stored in your file you can send us a request by email. Please specify what information you want to check or want to have insight to. Depending this specification we are happy to send you a copy or invite you to our office to access the information yourself under our guidance.

2.6. Spam filtering

In order to deflect unwanted email such as spam from your inbox we make use of a spam filter.

2.7. Sending quotations

When contacting our sales department for more information regarding our services, we may send you a quotation.

A quotation may include the following personal information:

• First and last name

• Primary address

• Email address

2.8. External communication

When using our services, we like to keep you up to date regarding the service(s) you have running, inform you of news about Jocre/Cursusfilm.nl that we think you shouldn't miss and how you can get the most out of your products.

We will do this by phone of by emails.

Emails about your products.

These emails come with the services you are using and generally include helpful information.

Emails sent are sent to the email address which you have provided us with from the start of our relation or any change in the address you have informed us about hereafter.

2.9. Internal communication

Since Jocre/Cursusfilm.nl is a one-man-organisation there is no internal communication.

2.10. Error reporting

If any error occurs while using our websites there will be no automatic report to us. Since the website of Jocre has no interactive components there are no risks in losing valuable personal information. The website Cursusfilm.nl has only one interactive dialogue. In this you can pre-order a training-movie. An error in this dialogue will lead to ‘not sending’ an email to us (which happens when no error occurs). No data will be stored in that case.

When everything works fine the email with your information and request will be treated us mentioned under chapter 1.2.

2.11. Fraud and abuse

In case there is suspicion or evidence of fraud or abuse, we may be required to disclose personal data to the relevant authorities.

3. Third party tracking

Besides PCExtreme, no external parties are involved in our services.

PCExtreme has a contract of dataprocession with Jocre/Cursusfilm.nl

4. Third party data sharing

Besides the already made remarks there is no data sharing of your information within the databases of Jocre/Cursusfilm.nl.

5. Security

We employ several security measures to minimize the risk of abuse and unauthorized access to personal data. We comply with current best practices and security standards.

7. Changes in this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The last modification date is of may 23 2018.

8. Accessing and modifying your data

You can always contact us for questions regarding our Privacy Policy or requests for access and modifying (including the removal of) your personal data. See also chapter 2.5.